After the Vile fight in this stage, any% and 100% strategies converge, for the most part. There are still minor differences, but mostly the boss fights (and refights) are different in 100% while the progression through the stages is nearly identical. From this point on, what's done in any% is (generally) just as relevant in 100%, so the sections for 100% will mostly detail specific differences.

any% Edit

Basic sigma 1

Basic sigma 1

Leap of faith Edit

There are two ways to open the stage, doing the old leap of faith strats, or the new. The old method kills all of the turtles leading up to the floating platforms with tornadoes. Then, to do the leap of faith, you need to dash jump onto the first platform, dash jump off, dash wallkick off the left side of the second platform, then dash jump off the right edge. You can make it to the far right platform without having to wait for any platform cycles this way. It's a long jump, hence the name.

It's difficult to give proper advice for how to do the leap of faith. Movement that is only a little bit off can lead you to a death. With practice you get a feel for if your movement is right or not, so you can bail out of doing it if it doesn't feel right. It's not the end of the world if you miss it though, since it's nearly the first thing done in the stage.

The climb afterwards can be done however you're comfortable with. The fastest way involves using one doublekick, then just single kicks for the rest. You can do a dash wallkick off the top floating platform to save on one wallkick overall in the climb. When you reach the top, dash into the first turret you see, then dash into the one you can't really avoid in the narrow passage. Dash off that platform, then wait a handful of frames before dash jumping through the blue guy, you want to get bonked to the right. This enables you to dash to the right (turn around and kill the walker for lag reduction, don't just kill it as you pass by in case it drops health on top of you) and get to the wall behind the next blue guy. Get hit by the final blue guy and cancel your recoil by holding right into the wall and climb up the wall.

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Faster leap of faith method

A faster way to do leap of faith, and turtle section leading up to it, is much more difficult. Open the stage with ice, fire an ice shot early to get most of the ricocheted shots to hit. If 1 piece escapes, you're in good shape to kill the turtle with another ice shot smoothly. If 2 pieces escape, it's still possible to kill the turtle smoothly, but there's a much larger chance of bonking. When you jump toward the next turtle, swap to and then fire a tornado, this will carry through and kill the fourth turtle. Jump to the platform the fourth turtle was on, then dash jump forward. A flying enemy will come down to hit you, it can be killed a handful of ways, buster, spark, tornado. Anything is fine, as long as you get by without getting hit. You want to land on the final turtle such that it knocks you to the right.

The floating platforms spawn around the left side of the platform the final turtle is on, so taking the hit on the turtle sets up the platforms to start moving about when you arrive. Dash jump onto the left side of the first platform, dash across it, then leap to the second. There's around a 2 frame window to jump to the second platform in such a way that X lands on top of the platform, without needing to wallkick off of it. Avoiding this one wallkick is where the time save for the new leap happens. It very nearly makes up for the hit you took on the turtle, so you essentially took 4 damage at no time cost. You need 6 or fewer health by the time you reach vile anyway. From there, leap to the third platform as usual.

After the climb, swap to tornado and jump over the first turret you see. Fire a tornado on the ground before the short climb. Bonk into the turret on the ceiling, then dash off the platform. If anything dropped from the turret on the ground it shouldn't matter, and if the blue guy dropped something, you can jump over it. Jump up and bonk into the next ceiling turret above the walker and climb the far right wall.

Either way you do leap of faith, you can perform a gap jump on the first sigma 1 ladder by either doing a doublekick after your first wallkick during the climb, or setting up a 7 pixel wallkick. Kill the first walker with a dash shot as you pass by and swap to ice, fire right before grabbing the ladder to kill the walker on the right so it won't get in the way of grabbing the next ladder.

Vile cutscene skip Edit

To perform the vile skip, you can't climb the final ladder all the way. The cutscene is triggered by X standing on the ground. So instead, climb most of the way up, then release the ladder and wallkick out of the ladder and up the left wall. You can also grab the ladder, let go and drop to the ground, then jump into the gap to get a gap jump for free, and virtually guarantee you won't mess up the skip. Climb as far up as you're comfortable with before jumping over, the fastest way across is to wallkick the left wall once, then do a 7 pixel dash wallkick off the left wall and head to the right. All you really need to do is get through the door without touching the ground.

In the next room, cutscenes start getting mixed together. A text box will appear and you'll get control of X shortly after. Get through the next door before the textbox closes and be sure you're on rolling shield. Fire a rolling shield and dash when the door closes behind you and dash up to the cutscene area. Either during the preceding door transition, or while the camera is setting itself in place for the vile mech cutscene and fight, hold start. An easy visual cue for it is when the rolling shield is passing by zero, it's safe to press and hold start. Walk forward a short distance, you can get X's front foot a little past the vertical line in the ground and still be ok. Wait for vile to fire his trapping shot at you, and optionally fire a rolling shield after he's done to try to knock him backwards. If he gets back into position in front of zero in time (if the music transitions before the second to last zero textbox is done), then the next set of textboxes are kind of canceled and zero dies faster.

Vile always opens the fight with a jump over you, so jump and fire a rolling shield and go to the right a little ways. Vile has fairly short invincibility, so you can get 3 or 4 rolling shields into him essentially for free before he really starts doing stuff. Just avoid getting trapped, and try not to bonk into him (it deals 8 damage without armor) and just keep getting hits in. He should go down fairly quickly.

Pre-Kuwanger climb Edit

After the cutscene with Zero dying, charge up, swap to c.sting, and climb over the big wall to the right. You can just dash off the top, then dash upon landing and make it through the whole bounce hallway without letting go of right.

The next climb after the bouncey hallway can be done a handful of ways, all of them open with charging c.sting after the zero cutscene.

The most lenient way to climb up is by doing a dash wallkick on the ledge below the last hoganmer in the hallway to dodge his attack. Grab the ladder and go to the left, dash wallkick off the left wall and go to the right, then release c.sting before hitting the hoganmer. Continue doing back and forth climbs, utilizing the platforms to jump off of to save having to spend time wallkicking. You should be able to reach the top without running out of invincibility.

Tiki climb

Tiki climb

Tiki climb

The tiki climb is a faster way up, you release c.sting much earlier, so it isn't nearly as lenient. You release it before the final hoganmer in the bounce hallway so you can just go right through him rather than wallkicking around. You need to do some particular movement to get through without running out of c.sting. Either dash wallkick off the left wall toward the first hoganmer of the climb, or jump to the short ledge after the ladder and jump to the right and wallkick off the platform the hoganmer is on. Going all the way to the wall is easier, but slightly slower. Then, do a full jump into the wall, then wallkick once, then do a 7 pixel dash wallkick. You should be able to make it to the next platform without having to kick off the side of it. From there the climb gets a bit easier. On the left do a single wallkick then a 7 pixel dash wallkick, this one can be done much quicker than the previous, you don't need to jump very high to reach the next platform. On the right side, do 2 wallkicks then a 7 pixel dash wallkick, once again this dash wallkick can be done very quickly, you don't need a ton of height from the previous jump in particular to reach the final platform. Climb the left wall as usual, and either grab the ladder or do a gap jump, either way is fine.

2stop doublehit

2stop doublehit

Climb and 2stop doublehit

The final method reduces a bit of lag in the bounce hallway, and sets up a potentially-fast kuwanger refight. It releases c.sting even earlier, after the fourth bounce and before the hoganmer throws his weapon. This cuts out a bit of lag, then do the tiki climb as usual. C.sting should run out just after the final hoganmer, and you want to be holding a charge here. Climb the wall, and take a damage boost off the turret on the wall. Get hit in such a way that you get knocked to the left and cancel your recoil by holding left, then grab the ladder, or gap jump it.

Kuwanger refight Edit

The normal method of doing the refight is very similar to the way you normally fight kuwanger the first time. The differences being that you open with a dash shot rather than a blue shot, and you swap to torpedo instead of continuing to use buster. The torpedo knocks kuwanger farther away than buster shots, so the timing is a little different. To deal with the difference more easily, just walk forward and kind of “push” him into the wall until he has to dash up to you about the same distance he would in the buster fight. Basically forcing his position to fit your rhythm, rather than changing your rhythm to deal with his position.

The alternate way of doing the kuwanger refight saves one shot, not quite a second in this case since the first hit happens later, but a solid gain (if it works). It requires you do the fast climb including the damageboost to give you time to fully charge for the fight. Dash toward kuwanger at the start and jump before releasing a charged torpedo, at least one shot should miss him and curve around his back. Rush toward the left wall, and if you're lucky he'll chase you and the missed torpedoes will hit him a second time. From there, just fight him as you normally would. Either keep your distance and fire torpedoes or try to get him into a grab loop in the corner, either works fine.

After killing kuwanger, charge up c.sting and release it near the first enemy. If you need to farm for health, this area's the place to do it, otherwise just do dash jumps on through the area to avoid causing a lot of dust sprites.

Bospider fight Edit

Use charged ice to fight Bospider, it deals 4 damage and you have plenty of time to charge between hits.

Bospider will start at a random position at the top of the screen and connecting wires will randomly generate before bospider goes down. Bospider will always cross any wire it encounters, so with practice the patterns can be fairly easy to read. Occasionally, smaller spiders will be thrown out that you have to avoid, a simple way to dodge them is to dash jump to a wall before they pick a direction and start moving. This gets them all going one way, so you can just dash jump over all of them without worrying. This frees up your attention to read the next pattern instead, so you don't lose time on an extra cycle. If you're stuck in a situation where you must bonk bospider or a small spider, pick the small spider, they do much less damage.

As Bospider loses health, it picks up speed as it descends, if you have trouble reading the patterns, practice the fight more or pause and unpause the game repeatedly to give you time as the game fades in and out to read the pattern.

100% Edit

Leap of faith Edit

The leap of faith should be done differently in 100%. Using the standard leap of faith (described above) works, take damage from the first, second, and third turtles while charging up c.sting. Release when you come out of recoil from the third hit, and do the regular leap of faith, avoiding shooting the flying enemy in case it drops health. The next hallway can be done just like in any%, you just stand in the corner on the last blue guy because you have much more health you need to lose.

A faster way to do leap of faith in 100% uses no c.sting and takes damage from the first, second, third, and fifth (final) turtles. The hit from the final turtle is pretty particular, like in any% it has to knock you to the right. This sets up the platforms to do the TAS leap. Fire a c.sting shot from the first platform, or a dash shot as you jump off the second platform to hit the flyer and avoid collecting any drop.

Pre-Kuwanger climb Edit

The climb before the kuwanger refight can be done just like in any%. The fastest version has a slight difference, though. You still release c.sting after the fourth bounce, but you can't take a damageboost off the wall turret, or you'll need to waste a subtank. Instead, swap to ice when c.sting runs out and fire into the wall such that the ricocheted pieces kill the enemies in your way.

Boss fights Edit

Sigma 1 hadoukens

Sigma 1 hadoukens

To hadouken vile, either wait as he jumps over you and hadouken to the left, or dash forward, turn and hadouken. If you dash forward though, you have to be careful with the hadouken input. If you hadouken out of a dash in the opposite direction, the diagonal input has to be held for 3 frames.

Just hadouken kuwanger immediately when the fight starts, he goes for a grab most of the time. Occasionally he will stop mid-way and teleport, dodging your hadouken. Just avoid him and try to hadouken him again until it works.

Bospider fight is much more simple, charge up a buster shot as you enter the door, and use it on any baby spiders that get thrown out (if any). Bospider moves slowest at the start of the fight, so you have a lot more time to read the patterns compared to any%.