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OctopusPenguinSigma 1
Sigma 2Sigma 3Sigma 4
File:2stop doublehitFile:Armadillo 100% bird despawning, visit, and fightFile:Armadillo basic stage
File:Armadillo skip position-0.pngFile:Armadillo skip position.pngFile:Basic chameleon stage
File:Basic eagle stageFile:Basic kuwanger stageFile:Basic mammoth
File:Basic mandrill stageFile:Basic movement comparisonFile:Basic penguin stage
File:Basic sigma 1File:Basic sigma 2File:Basic sigma 3
File:Basic sigma 4 fightsFile:Bird visitFile:Birdless
File:Cf-0 demoFile:Chameleon cf-0 strategyFile:Chameleon stage waterful route differences
File:Chill Penguin Comparison in Megaman XFile:Crystal's eagle strat comparisonFile:Dash shot demo
File:Eagle basic stage 100%File:Eagle inflames' first platformsFile:Eagle visual cue.png
File:Eagle visual cue2.pngFile:Fast skip and backupFile:Fatso's bat jump
File:Gap jump typesFile:Ice heartFile:Inflames' eagle thing
File:Intro visual cue 1.pngFile:Intro visual cue 2.pngFile:Kuwanger first climb
File:Kuwanger first climb harderFile:Kuwanger first climb hardestFile:Kuwanger inside climb
File:Kuwanger second hallway demoFile:Kuwanger tangoFile:Leap of Faith
File:Mammoth green guy jumpFile:Mammoth jump to buster upgradeFile:Mammoth subtank with boomerang, easier
File:Mammoth subtank with early boomerangFile:Mammoth tank and heart no boomerangFile:Mammoth top route
File:Mammoth top route iceFile:Mandrill basic 100%, through thunder slimerFile:Mandrill boomerang heart grab
File:Mandrill final hallway no cstingFile:Mandrill final hallway with cstingFile:Mandrill hallway
File:Mandrill paulather wall-less heartFile:Megaman X NO lag intro stage akka "all the tacos strat"File:Mmx rta wiki.png
File:Neymar's ufoFile:No stop hallwayFile:Octopus 100% minibosses and heart tank, easy strats
File:Octopus basic stageFile:Octopus lobstrocity leapFile:Octopus waterful route strats
File:One bonk beeFile:OnecycleFile:Outside climb
File:Penguin revisit, basicFile:Penguin revisit, no tornadoFile:Penguin slope jumps.png
File:Penguin slope jumps - 1.pngFile:Penguin slope jumps - 2.pngFile:Sigma 1 hadoukens
File:Sigma 2 hadoukensFile:Sigma 3 hadoukensFile:Sigma 4 hadoukens
File:SkypeFile:Snowball sectionFile:Snowball section damage boost
File:TascarsFile:Tascars through end of introFile:Thunder Slimer strategy comparison
File:Tiki climbFile:Turtles Charged TornadoFile:Turtles Uncharged Tornado
File:Two bonk beeFile:Utu comparisonFile:Visual cue - jump in kuwanger.png
File:Waterless 2 ways

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